Our Bible Class Groups

Our Bible classes, which meet weekly, provide wonderful opportunities for people of all ages to learn the Bible in a safe, encouraging environment of peers. In addition to Bible study, our classes serve as fellowship and ministry groups. Each class has its own personality, but all classes provide many fellowship, service and ministry opportunities. Many of the classes go on mission trips, do local service projects, enjoy holiday parties, cookouts, and other social events. Each class has an overseeing shepherd (elder) who gets to know and cares for class members in his shepherding group.

We are a very large church, but we try hard not to let people fall through the cracks. If you want to get plugged into the Edmond Church of Christ, the best way to do it is through one of our many Bible classes. Every Bible class is open to visitors. If you need help finding a class that is right for you, don't hesitate to let us know. In fact, you can call 341-3353 or email the church office.

We offer classes for all ages, including nursery, pre-school, elementary, middle school, high school, and college-aged students, plus the adult classes listed below.


Bible Class Directory


In addition to children's and youth Bible classes on Sundays and Wednesdays, we also offer the following adult Bible classes:

Sunday Morning - 9:30a.m.

First Floor Classes

AUDITORIUM CLASS: A class for all ages of adults featuring open discussions of Scripture with application to our lives. Travis Pettyjohn helps lead the class, and David King is the elder for this class. 

UPWARDS: (Fellowship 3) This lively class is for those in their 50s and 60s. Lyle Kelsey (elder) and Jeff Bennett direct this class.

PRIMETIME: (Fellowship 2) A class for empty-nesters in the prime of life who enjoy participation in and out of class; the group is known for 3-4 annual fish fries and gala year end party as well as fellowship in travel both near and far. The class is led by Dick Shough, Dale Lollar (elder) and Larry Miller (elder).

IN-DEPTH BIBLE STUDY: (Fellowship 1) This smaller class is great for those looking for an in-depth study. They dig deeply into the Bible each week.  Mike Cain (elder) helps shepherd this group.

VIP - Voices in Praise: (Room 144, Quad 4) This large and dynamite group loves to sing, and is comprised of people from their 40s through 60s, featuring a variety of activities in service to the Lord. The class is organized by Larry Owsley, Glen Hammonds and Sylvan Gordon (elder).

SOWERS: (Room 141, Quad 1) This is an energetic and loving class that crosses the generations and who seek to be a light to the world. Doug Dye and Lloyd Kirk direct this class, along with Tom Breninger (elder) and Jack Lowry (elder).

YMCA: Young Married Christian Adults (Room 142, Quad 2): Couples in the first 5-10 years of marriage who love God and each other. This class is led by David Burch while Mark Coleman (elder) and Mike Cain (elder) shepherd the class. 

TRANSFORMERS : (Room 143 , Quad 3) This class, comprised of parents with children of all ages, strives to be unified in Christ by building deeper relationships through Bible study, service, and fellowship.  Blaine Allenbach (elder) and Jim Goodin (elder) lead this class.

UNIVERSITY: (Chapel) Evan Burkett, campus minister, leads this dynamic, service-oriented class for college students from area universities. Come for great singing and inspiring messages! Jack Lowry and Brad Buxton are the elders for the campus ministry.

Second Floor Classes:

PATHFINDERS: (Room 206) An exciting and growing class for young adults, single and married. This class is led by Alex Jones, Michael Reese, Patrick Rayner and Aaron Mora. Andy Dean is the shepherd for this class. 

YOUNG FAMILIES: (Room 208) Come and enjoy the great discussion in this class for those with young children. Kyle Mauck and Dustin Risley lead the class, and Merritt Roberts (elder) and Lendon Shotts (elder) shepherd the class.

SOJOURNERS: (Room 210) A group of young adults with kids pursuing God through in-depth Bible study, service, and fellowship. Neil Ferguson, Caleb Dacus and Rick Owens lead the class. Elder: Richard Blankenship.

SEEKERS: (Room 204) A growing group of young singles and married couples ending their college careers and/or beginning their professional careers. Class members Tracy Marshall and David Griffin help lead the class, and John Trotter is the shepherd for the class.

CATALYST: (Room 205) Our newest class for the youngest of young adults in their early and mid-twenties.  Some in this class are finishing up college, others are in the workforce, and/or starting life on their own.  Shawn McElroy leads the class, and Brent Keck serves as class shepherd.

Youth Wing (north side of the Activity Center/Gym):

HISPANIC CLASS: Group of men and women studying the Bible in Spanish, led by minister Tony Sepulveda.

EYG (EDMOND YOUTH GROUP):  Classes for middle (7th-8th) and high school students (9th-12th).  EYG shepherds include Blaine Allenbach, Jim Goodin and David King.

Wednesday Evening - 5 pm

EARLY BIRD: (Room 141, Quad 1) This class is for those who want a textual study early Wednesday evening. Minister Kevin Rayner regularly teaches this class with assistance from Kent Risley.

Wednesday Evening - 7 pm

First Floor Classes

COMMUNITY: (Fellowship 2) This class has a variety of great teaches and topics relevant for people of all ages. Tom Breninger coordinates and leads the class.

TEXTUAL: (Fellowship 3) This class delves into a specific texts of the Bible, looking at each passage in depth to understand the meaning for our lives today. Various teachers lead this class.

WOMEN: (Parlor) This long-standing class strengthens women of all ages. 

TRANSFORMERS WEDNESDAY: (Room 143, Quad 3) David Beam leads this class. This thought provoking class functions as a small group Bible study. All ages are welcome.

YMCA: YOUNG MARRIED CHRISTIAN ADULTS (Room 142, Quad 2): This class for young couples married 5-10 years helps each other through the first years of marriage and family. 

HISPANIC CLASS: (Youth Wing) This class meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am and Wednesday evenings at 7 pm and is for Spanish-speakers and those who want to help with the study of God's Word in Spanish.  Minister, Tony Sepulveda leads this ministry with assistance from David & Danielle Waldo.

UNIVERSITY: (Chapel) Evan Burkett, campus minister, leads this dynamic, service-oriented class for college students from area universities. Come for great singing and inspiring messages!

Second Floor Classes

YOUNG FAMILIES: (Room 208) This class gathers to encourage and uplift each other. 

PATHFINDERS: (Room 206) This is a growing class for singles and young adults in their 20's & 30's. 

TEACHER’S PREPARATION: (Room 209) This is a class designed to prepare the Sunday morning teachers to teach on the following Sunday. This class is open to any interested Bible students. Brent Keck leads this class.

MEN: (Room 201) This class, led by Lloyd Kirk and Shannon Reed, deeply digs into the issues affecting the men of our congregation. 

SEEKERS: (Room 204) A growing group of young singles and married couples in the early stages of life (mid-to-late 20's)

CATALYST: (Room 205) A brand new class for early-to-mid 20-somethings. 

SOJOURNERS: (Room 210) A group of young adults with elementary aged kids, pursuing God through in-depth Bible study, discussion, and fellowship

Youth Wing (north side of the Activity Center/Gym):

HISPANIC CLASS: Group of men and women studying the Bible, led by minister Tony Sepulveda.

EYG (EDMOND YOUTH GROUP): Class for 7th-12th graders.

Other Classes

TUESDAY LADIES: This class for ladies of all ages meets Tuesday mornings at 9:30 in the Quad 1. Ada Blankenship and other ladies help organize this class. Childcare is provided free.

MOM'S BIBLE STUDY: This Bible study for moms of any age meets on Wednesday mornings at 10 am in the Parlor. Led by Brenda Gordon; babysitting is available at no cost.