Glad you are here and want to find out more about us. The Edmond Church of Christ is an active community of faith in Edmond, OK, made up of Christians who care for each other and want to serve God. Every Sunday, hundreds of men, women and children from various backgrounds come together to worship God and learn about the Bible.  Our faith is not just practiced on Sundays. It is the foundation for every relationship and all the events of everyday life. We believe our faith should make a profound impact on our lives, including our relationships, jobs, resources, and decisions. We view the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and we strive to follow the teachings and principles of the New Testament.

News & Events

  • spruce-it-up saturday, july 30

    Our annual Spruce-it-up Saturday is July 30. Individuals and families in the congregation are encouraged to spend the morning helping clean and tidy up our classrooms and hallways to get ready for fall Bible classes. Join us from 8am-12pm this Saturday.  Feel free to bring supplies needed to help clean your Bible class area.

  • gender matters: Parenting workshop aug. 13

    In a world filled with mixed messages about the value of gender, wouldn't it be nice to help our kids feel good about who God created them to be?  Gender Matters is a one-day informative seminar designed to help parents raise children with a sense of worth and security in being boys and girls. So often we’ve thought feeling secure in our gender identity was something that just happened growing up, but we’re learning it’s not that simple. Through insightful sessions with Sally Gary, director of CenterPeace, Gender Matters equips families to give children a healthy picture of masculinity and femininity. 

    Genders Matters with Sally Gary is Saturday, Aug. 13, from 8:30am to 4:00pm (with a break for lunch) at the Edmond Church of Christ. This seminar will be helpful for anyone who influences the lives of children, including parents, grandparents, teachers, day-care workers, and others. 


  • Consecrated space: dedication of new wing aug. 28

    After a little over a year of construction, we are on the verge of opening our new space. The newly constructed two-story wing will provide much-needed adult Bible class space, a larger fellowship/meal area, commercial kitchen, greeting and welcoming area, a new larger space for our campus ministry, a conference room, and more. 

    Join us in dedicating this space on Sunday morning, Aug. 28. Everyone is invited to a fellowship breakfast in the Quad (four large classrooms downstairs with movable walls) from 9:00-9:45am. Then at 9:45am, everyone will go into the auditorium for a special combined class to dedicate the new space. Worship services are 8:15am and 10:40am.

  • Fully alive: life as god intended


    God never intended for Christians to be the walking dead, just toiling on until we get to heaven some day. The Bible tells us to "take hold" of our eternal life...right now! We aren't just biding our time until heaven, we are called and empowered to live abundant and full lives now. This series looks through a biblical lens at some of the many dimensions of the Christian life and inspires us to be fully alive.


    In his letter to the Colossians, Paul masterfully weaves one recurring theme throughout his message: the supremacy of Christ. When we place Christ in his rightful place--above all else--we gain a perspective and a purpose for living. This series of messages walks us through the book of Colossians and discusses what it means to exalt Christ above all.

  • Young adults summer series on wednesdays

    LIFT, a special summer series for young adults (college, Seekers, Pathfinders classes) begins Wednesday, May 25, at 7:00pm in the chapel. Each week, a special time of worship is planned around the theme, "Lessons Learned."  Lift features wonderful worship and singing, meaningful fellowship, and great guest speakers. For more information, contact Evan Burkett or Shawn McElroy.

  • VBS in Poncha springs, co, changes one young woman's life

    Why do we conduct Vacation Bible School during many of our mission trips?

    Six years ago, a Colorado teen first connected with the Edmond Youth Group at VBS in Poncha Springs, Colorado. The relationships she formed would lead her to give her life to Jesus.

    Click here to read the story by Bobby Ross, Jr.

  • 2016 theme inspires us to be faithful

    Faithfulness is forged in our daily choices, conversations, thoughts and actions. The call to follow Jesus can be overwhelming. We sometimes think we are expected to somehow convert our entire neighborhood or change the world. The truth is, only God is able to convert people. And certainly, only God can change the world. Our calling from God is simply to be faithful...right here, right now. Join us as we acknowledge the faithfulness of God and strive to be faithful to God each day. Click on the image to view our "Faithful" introduction video.

Join us this week

You are invited to join us this week. We are located at 801 South Bryant (corner of Bryant & Ninth, across from Hafer Park).

Sunday Services:

8:15am & 10:40am morning worship

9:30am Bible classes

5:00pm evening worship

Wednesday Services:

5:00pm Early Bird class (chapel)

7:00pm Classes for all ages (throughout facilities)