Our Missionaries

  • jana miller / zambia

    Jana has been a member at Edmond since 2005. Her first mission trips were Spring Break campaigns to Mexico. In April 2015, Jana began a commitment to The Haven orphan care ministry on the Namwianga Mission in Zambia, Africa. She currently lives and works alongside missionary Meagan Hawley and serves the ministry as the village visit coordinator, making visits to homes of former Haven children.

  • Ubaldo camacho / mexico

    Ubaldo grew up in the valley near Aquiles and is very familiar with the people throughout the region. He provides ongoing teaching, guidance, and ministry throughout the valley region where our spring break mission trip goes each year.


    God continues to do amazing things in Nicaragua, including the work of our second mission team. Harold and Arelly Ampié and Gerardo and Yesenia Rayo, along with their families, join the Church of Christ in Nandasmo, Nicaragua as evangelists. With God’s help, the goal of the mission is to create self-sufficient, self-governing, self-evangelizing, and self-reproducing and enduring congregations in Nicaragua. 

  • Julio Alberto Alcerro, Eduardo Cisnero, Josué David Alcero / nicaragua

    Julio Alberto Alcerro, Josué David Alcerro, and Eduardo Cisnero officially began their mission work in Jinotepe, Nicaragua on April 1, 2017. These three men bring a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to the mission field. Julio Alberto and Josué David are brothers and sons of a long time, well respected preacher in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. They met Eduardo at the Bible Institute of Central America (BICA) and have worked together in the mission field for the last few years since graduation. They too have the goal of creating self-sufficient, self-governing, self-evangelizing, and self-reproducing and enduring congregations in Nicaragua. 

  • Kye courtright / chemniTz, germany

    Kye, the son of Mark and Kathy Courtright, grew up in the Edmond Church of Christ. After making several trips and spending a few years in Germany during and immediately following his college years at OSU, Kye has returned to work with the congregation in Chemnitz over the next two years. He is working specifically with the young adults and youth in Chemnitz.

    “As a product of the Edmond church of Christ, growing up here, I am very connected and tied to this congregation," said Kye. "I am proud to say that I grew up at Edmond Church of Christ and this congregation helped me grow and become who I am today and face these opportunities to work in God’s Kingdom."  

  • Reuben kapaale / zambia

    Dr. Reuben Kapaale, a faculty member at George Benson Christian College (GBCC) and an elder at the Mwata Church of Christ was added to our list of supported missionaries in 1999. Dr. Kapaale, who holds advanced degrees from Indiana and Columbia University teaches history, family life and Bible at GBCC. All students are trained as “tent-making Christians” and have made Zambia one of the most fertile countries in the world for the gospel. The growth of the church has been dramatic in the last 20 years with now more than 1,000 known congregations. As an elder for the Mwata church, he is always visiting those in need and mentoring those who will one day be the leaders of the church throughout the country. He frequently travels to other congregations to provide marriage counseling and instruction in doctrine. He is married to Maureen.

  • roger saumur / montreal

    Edmond’s involvement with the work in French-speaking Quebec began in 1984 when the church started supporting Mike Mazzalongo. He converted Roger and Diane Saumur and mentored them. After the departure of the Mazzalongo family in 1987, Saumur became Edmond’s minister for the Verdun congregation in Montreal. Since that time, the Canadians and Edmond’s members have developed and maintained a close association. The Saumurs make annual summer trips to Oklahoma for mutual edification and several Edmond members have journeyed north to worship with the Christians in Verdun. Despite a devastating fire, the transient nature of a cosmopolitan city, and the difficulties inherent to a strongly secular society, progress has been made and the church is standing firm.  

  • humberto hernandez / mcallen, TX

    Humberto and Irene Hernandez have a long-standing relationship with the Edmond congregation. For over 20 years, Humberto has helped guide our annual mission trip to the mountains of Mexico. Now, Humberto and Irene work with the Church in McAllen, TX, near the US/Mexico border.

  • chris crowder / northern ireland

    Chris Crowder is a lifelong member at Edmond Church of Christ. After an internship in Coleraine, N.Ireland in the summer of 2016, Chris had it on his heart to return to the church to be a full time missionary. Upon graduation from Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in Youth Ministry, Chris began his plans to return to N.Ireland. He is worshiping at the Artillery Road Church of Christ in Coleraine assisting the congregation, specifically strengthening the youth ministry. Please keep Chris in your prayers as he transitions to full time mission work.