In Search of the Lord's Way television ministry

The Edmond Church of Christ has a long-standing relationship with the Search television ministry. We provide support in the form of financial resources, volunteers, access to facilities, and mutual encouragement.

The History of Search...

The year was 1980. Discovering that televangelists were reaching a hundred times more people than he was from his pulpit, Mack Lyon decided to go on TV on a local station. Over 25 years later, Search is on more than 150 TV and radio stations, 150 cable stations, 3 satellite networks and heard in seven African countries.  

Born in Muskogee, Mack was reared in remote areas of the state. He was baptized at age 12. At 14, after hearing W.L. Oliphant, a Dallas preacher on radio, he committed himself to God in prayer to preach by radio so as to reach people unreachable in any other way. He preached his first sermon at Coalgate, OK, November 12, 1939, while still in high school. He attended Freed-Hardeman College (now university) and later graduated from the University of Oklahoma. He began a local ministry at Wynnewood, OK, April 19, 1942. Since that time he has served churches in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and New Jersey, and was a missionary to Australia in the 60’s. He began a television program in Ada, OK, in 1953 and produced a like program in Perth, Australia, in 1967-68. He began In Search of the Lord’s Way in September 1980, with Edmond assuming its oversight in September 1982.  

In 2010, Phil Sanders moved from Tennessee to Edmond to begin working alongside Mack, and now does the on-air preaching and leads the ministry.