Glad you are here and want to find out more about us. The Edmond Church of Christ is an active community of faith in Edmond, OK, made up of Christians who care for each other and want to serve God. Every Sunday, hundreds of men, women and children from various backgrounds come together to worship God, declare faith in His son, Jesus, and explore the Bible.  

Our faith is not just practiced on Sundays. It is the foundation for every relationship and all the events of everyday life. We believe our faith should make a profound impact on our lives, including our relationships, jobs, resources, and decisions. We view the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and we strive to follow the teachings and principles of the New Testament. As a community of faith, we take our purpose of "Making Disciples" from Jesus' commission in Matthew 28.


COVID-19 Update


Fill out an online prayer request form if you have a concern to share, a burden to carry, or a praise to share. Our shepherds will remember you in prayer.

Onsite worship service  Sundays 10:40am

Interested in joining us for in-person worship or want more information, please email Kevin.

Currently, one in-person worship service is at the building on Sundays at 10:40am, with overflow space provided in the Quad area if needed for social distancing or if desired by individuals. 

To increase safety and for the benefit of others, everyone is asked to (1) adhere to social distancing guidelines, (2) wear a mask while in the building, and (3) avoid physical contact, including handshakes and hugs. Precautions and practices for seating, greeting, communion, offering, and other aspects of worship will also be in place for everyone’s protection. 

While everyone is welcome to come to worship, we encourage anyone that remains particularly susceptible to this virus or anyone uncomfortable with public assemblies right now to join us in worship online Sunday at 10:40am or anytime afterwards via our Youtube channel.

Beginning  Sunday, April 25, we will go back to our regular Sunday morning schedule at the building with 8:15am worship service, 9:30am children's & adult Bible classes, and 10:40am worship (with staffed nursery, Toddle Time & Bible Hour available at second service).

News & Events

  • edmond church partnering to provide covid vaccine

    The Edmond Church of Christ is partnering with Optimum Primary Care Clinic to provide COVID-19 vaccinations on Friday, April 16, from 2:00-6:00pm. The clinic, held onsite at the Edmond Church of Christ, will offer first and second doses of Moderna and also the single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Any individual 18 years old or above is eligible, whether you have insurance or not, at no out-of-pocket cost to the individual. Registration is required. Fill out the form below or call (405) 471-6511.

    Fill out online form

  • 2021 daily bible reading plan

    The Essential 100 Reading Plan (E100)

    This simple Bible reading plan provides 50 selected readings from the Old Testament and 50 selected readings from the New Testament based on major characters, events, and themes of the Bible. It is designed to help you get the big picture about God’s word and to create a habit of regular Bible reading. If you complete a reading every weekday, you will likely finish the plan in the middle of the year. However, there is flexibility for you to spread out the readings or build in deeper study. To help process and reflect on what you read, consider answering the seven basic questions from Discovery Bible Study.

    Three ways to get the E100 Bible Reading Plan:

    1. Pick up a paper copy in the church lobby.

    2. Download the web version pdf here or the printable version pdf here.

    3. Access it from your YouVersion Bible app. Just search for E100 under Bible Reading Plans

  • free online workshop addresses challenges associated with these uncertain times

    Shawn McElroy, MA Clinical Psychology, conducted a brief Facebook Live workshop recently to talk about some of the spiritual, relational and mental issues connected with this season of uncertainty. 

    Click here to watch Shawn's workshop

  • discipleship through shared experiences

    Doing life together provides opportunities for growing and making disciples. To help provide opportunities for us to spend time together and have meaningful conversations, we are launching two new initiatives: Shared Experiences and Mentoring. Shared Experiences provide activity-based opportunities for Bible study and interaction. These groups are a great way to use your interests as outreach and connect over something you enjoy doing together. Currently, Shared Experience groups include Art (DIY crafts), Basketball, Board Games, Dinner Club (new restaurants), Golf, Home Repair Projects, Jiu Jitsu, Quilting, Car/Engine Repair, Knitting, Photography and Mountain Biking. The groups are still being organized and leaders recruited, but should be launched soon.  Email Shawn for more info.


  • discipleship through mentoring

    Jesus made disciples by spending time with others and having meaningful conversations about life, faith and eternity. Mentoring uses intergenerational connections to prompt these types of important conversations. Through mentoring, both participants are encouraged and strengthened in their faith while building stronger connections within the church body. Contact Kent for more info.


  • new young adults class, "catalyst," for 20-somethings

    The Edmond Church of Christ launched a new Bible class named Catalyst for young adults in their early 20's, starting with our new college graduates. The new group began meeting Sunday, May 5, and continues to meet on Sundays at 9:30am upstairs in room 205. If you are in your early or mid twenties and looking for a place to connect, please join us! For more information, contact Shawn.

  • god-given mission provides congregational theme

    Some of Jesus’ final words, after his resurrection and before ascending to heaven to be with His Father, were in the form of a commission to go into the world and make disciples. “Making Disciples” is our mission at the Edmond Church of Christ. We are called to be disciples of Jesus and to make disciples of Jesus. It is a mission that should not only serve as the primary mission and ministry-shaping force within the congregation, it must direct our lives as individuals and families. Join us as we allow God to shape us into devoted disciples of Christ and use us to make other disciples of Christ in this world.

Join us this week

You are invited to join us this week. We are located at 801 South Bryant (corner of Bryant & Ninth, across from Hafer Park).

The church building and church office are both closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All worship services and Bible classes are being conducted online. 

For the church office, call 341-3353 or email office@edmondcc.com.