Arnett, Will - TBD

Batchelder, Matt - Children's Ministry

Battles, Travis - Children's Ministry

Bettes, Chip - Seniors Ministry, Change Lights, Class Leader

Blackwell, Blake - Outreach & Local Evangelism, Section Host

Bobo, Jim - Children's Ministry  

Bosley, Mike - Photography, Family Life-Couples Retreat

Burch, David - Involvement, Singing

Burton, Matt - Involvement, Youth Ministry

Cady, Michael - Children's Ministry

Chambers, Rick - TBD

Coffman, Ken - Missions Committee

Collins, Bill - Signs, Class Leader Shared Experience (Golf)

Collins, Mike - Financial Peace University

Correa, Eddie - Youth Ministry

Cowdrey, Jared - Youth, FPU Coordinator, Class Leader

Curtis, Jonathan - Communications

Dacus, Caleb - Moving Ministry, Angel Park, Class Leader

Dale, Josh - Family Life: Discipling Groups

Dean, Jason - Children's Ministry, Campus Ministry

Denton, David - Prison Ministry, Benevolence

Dodd, Kent - Building Security, Building & Grounds (Electrical)

Driskill, Tim - TBD

Dye, Doug - Blood Drive

Eastman, Brian - Benevolence: Refugee Assistance

Epps, Bill - Sunday Night for the Master, Clean-up

Ferguson, Neil - Missions

Foster, Josh - Foster Care, Class Leader

Fraser, Todd - Special Events Video Production

Gibbs, Steve - Prayer Leadership

Grande, Tim - Senior Assistance, Building & Grounds (Electrical)

Hammonds, Glen - Deacon Coordination & Comm., VIP Class

Hazzard, Jason - Change Lights

Howard, Paul - Youth Ministry

Hufstedler, Doug - Nursing Homes & Shut-in Visitation

Jackson, Brian - Nursing Homes & Shut-in Visitation, FPU

Jones, Alex - Class Leader, Christmas Wish

King, Caleb - Class Leader

Kirk, Lloyd - Men's Ministry, Sowers Class Leader

Klutts, Phil - Communion to Shut-ins, Worship Leaders, Mentoring

Laughlin, Adam - Angel Park

Lauderdale, James - Seniors Ministry

Laxton, David - Building & Grounds

Leach, Jim - TBD

Lopez, Ventura - Hispanic Ministry

Marshall, Regan - Financial Counseling

McKee, Kieth - Seniors Ministry

Mora, Aaron - Young Men's Discipleship

Morton, Roger - Nursing Home Worship

Norman, Joel - Building and Grounds

Owens, Rick - Children's Ministry

Owsley, Larry - Worship Planning and Coordination, VIP Class

Pettyjohn, Travis - Outreach: Section Host Leadership, Class Leader

Rayner, Dustin - Technology & Streaming for Classes

Reed, Shannon - Men's Ministry

Renfro, Morris - Senior Rides to Worship

Rhoades, Mike - Seniors Ministry

Richardson, Jacob - Parking

Ripperton, Ryan - Marriage Ministry, Shared Experiences

Risley, Dustin - Missions, Young Families Class Leader

Risley, Wiley - FriendSpeak

Ross, Bobby - Communications

Shanks, Ryan - Children's Ministry

Sharp, Russ - Card Ministry

Sheldon, Peter - Audio for Worship, Adoption Promotion

Smith, Brent - Seniors Assistance

Smith, Scot - Communion Serving

Sorrells, Dan - Angel Park, Moving Ministry, Vans, Youth

Tobey, Brent - Seniors Assistance, Wednesday  Attendance

Vaulner, Floyd Jr. - Visitation

Waldo, David - Hispanic Ministry, Adult Ed Spanish

Walker, Paul - Grounds

Watson, Josh - Sunday Night for the Master

Watterson, Preston - Adult Education (Wednesday Evenings)

White, Aaron - Children's Ministry

Wiederstein, Allen - GriefShare

Williamson, Craig - Benevolence, Children's Ministry