Marriage & Family Ministry

In a time when biblical marriage is under attack and families seem to be falling apart at the seams, there is a desperate need for Christians to build godly homes. The Edmond Church of Christ wants to help families take a stand against Satan’s attacks and become faithful families of God. The Family Life Ministry of the Edmond Church of Christ is a needs-based, proactive ministry aimed at building and nurturing strong Christian families.

Needs-Based Ministry

To be most effective, the Family Life Ministry aims at meeting the specific needs of the families in the church and Edmond community. A detailed questionnaire, called a Family Needs Analysis, is used to measure and determine the needs of our families. Ministry efforts, programs and activities are then built around those specific needs.

Preventive Ministry

The Family Life Ministry is proactive and preventive in nature. While therapeutic measures like counseling are necessary, this specific ministry focuses on proactive methods to strengthen all forms of family. Couples and families are equipped with the proper tools — both biblical and practical — to better deal with the multiple issues of family life.

Marriage Enrichment

We want marriages to not just stay together, but to thrive! Marriage enrichment programs like Dynamic Marriage, United Marriage class, Marriage Mentors, Prepare/Enrich, marriage classes, and the annual Marriage Retreat are offered on a regular basis.

Family Life Ministry highlights include:

  • Family Life Seminars
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Parenting classes and seminars
  • Counseling services
  • The Kids' Place of Edmond (provides hope & healing for grieving children)
  • Marriage Enrichment Classes & Seminars
  • Financial Peace University
  • Legacy Journey (advanced FPU course)
  • Dynamic Marriage (His Needs/Her Needs) 
  • United (pursing biblical oneness in marriage)
  • Annual Marriage Encounter (February) 
  • GriefShare support group
  • Surviving the Holidays (a Griefshare resource)
  • DivorceCare support group & DivorceCare for Kids

For more information, email Family Life Minister, Jeremy.