Current Sermon Series

  • current sermon series: 

    living hope

    assurance & warnings from 2 Peter

    Someone has said that time moves slowly but passes quickly. Maybe you can relate. As time continues to move, Christians wait and wonder about Jesus’ return. When will he come back? How long do we have to endure the chaos and heartbreak of a fallen world? In his second letter to the church, the Apostle Peter reminds us that God’s timing doesn’t always align with our timing, and that while we wait, we have a living hope to center us and sustain us.

    Join us in person on Sundays at 8:15am or 10:40am for worship and messages from this series. Or join us online at or after 10:40am every Sunday.


Several discipleship options with Sunday Night for the Master

Sunday Night for the Master began in the fall of 2021, and offers a variety of opportunities and options for discipling, intergenerational interaction, fellowship, and Bible study.

Sunday Night for the Master Schedule:

5:00-5:30pm - Quick fellowship meal together in the Quad. Meals are simplified to make serving large numbers more manageable and efficient. People can arrive between 5:00-5:30 to help reduce waiting time.

5:30pm - Everyone meets in the Quad for a devotional with an emphasis on scripture as we reinforce the text and topic from the morning’s sermon.

6:00pm - Children's activities in Bible Hour Room & Nursery

6:00pm - Specific options available for discipling connections: Indoor and outdoor service projects, singings, seminars, Shared Experience activities, mentoring, community outreach efforts, Discovery Bible Study, special presentations and workshops, children’s Impact worship, leadership training, evangelism training, Friendspeak, and more.

7:00pm - Conclusion

Explanation of “Flex” Sundays:

To help sustain momentum for this program, to give the cooks and volunteers an occasional break, and to accomplish other important objectives, there will also be several “Flex” Sundays built into the schedule.

On these designated “Flex” Sundays, there is not a meal provided at the building. Instead, we designate them for special events and encourage everyone to participate in things such as Trunk or Treat, congregational singing nights, Share & Prayer groups, LTC service led by students, Somos Uno (combined English/Spanish), community outreach projects, Search singing recording, and/or encourage personal/family spiritual development time.

Practice English free! Call to set up a one-on-one conversational English class. Meetings are friendly with a casual atmosphere. 

Call today (405) 341-3353.

Centennial Church History Book

To commemorate our 100-year anniversary, historian James L. Crowder updated our church history book. Click on the image to download a pdf version of the book.