Our Missionaries

  • jana miller / zambia (The haven)

    Jana has been a member at Edmond since 2005. Her first mission trips were Spring Break campaigns to Mexico. In April 2015, Jana began a commitment to The Haven orphan care ministry on the Namwianga Mission in Zambia, Africa. She currently lives and works alongside missionary Meagan Hawley and serves the ministry as the village visit coordinator, making visits to homes of former Haven children.

  • thomas simubali / zambia (Namwianga mission)

    Thomas Simubali, recently Deputy Director of the Christian Leadership Development (CLD), developed the strategic agricultural assistance program to gain acceptance of local tribal chiefs and has now improved the farm and livestock operations into a revenue source for the entire mission. Through these efforts, local villagers are seeing the light of Christ and hearing the gospel message.

  • rodwell sianzoolo / zambia (namwianga mission)

    Rodwell Sianzoolo is a well-respected Bible teacher at George Benson Christian College in Zambia and is the director of the daily chapel services. He preaches at village congregations each weekend and mentors young men to improve their preaching/teaching skills. 

  • wilson siazilo / zambia (namwianga mission)

    Wilson serves as the director of the Christian Leadership Development (CLD) segment of the Namwianga Mission in Zambia.  In this role, he helps provide practical application of church development skills through community outreach for recent graduates of George Benson Christian College. He also works with local evangelists to share the gospel through Bible lectures, meetings, Bible studies and other evangelistic efforts. 

  • Ubaldo & marisol camacho / aquiles, mexico

    Ubaldo grew up in the valley near Aquiles and is very familiar with the people throughout the region. He provides ongoing teaching, guidance, and ministry throughout the valley region where our spring break mission trip goes each year.

  • ismael & ofelia resendez / tamaulipas, mexico

    In 2019, Ismael joined Ubaldo Camacho in the rural mountain villages of Mexico as our full-time missionary. For over 30 years, we have invested in the birth and growth of the Church in Aquiles and the surrounding state of Tamaulipas.  In his new role, Ismael works to plant churches, train and mentor leaders, host special events at the campground, and preach and teach throughout the region. Ismael and his wife, Ofelia, have three children: Brandon, Alejandra & Grecia.

  • Julio Alberto Alcerro and wife Karina, Josué David Alcerro, and Eduardo Cisnero officially began their mission work in Jinotepe, Nicaragua on April 1, 2017. These three men bring a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to the mission field. Julio Alberto and Josué David are brothers and sons of a long time, well respected preacher in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. They met Eduardo at the Bible Institute of Central America (BICA) and have worked together in the mission field for the last few years since graduation. They too have the goal of creating self-sufficient, self-governing, self-evangelizing, and self-reproducing and enduring congregations in Nicaragua. In April 2018, they moved their mission to Matagalpa, Nicaragua where they continue their work with the church of Christ there.

  • Juan espinoza / Diriamba, Nicaragua

    Juan Espinoza, along with his wife, Elizabeth, are working with a team in Diriamba. Currently, they are spending the majority of their time in evangelism, helping to grow the church membership, teaching the new converts, maturing them in their Biblical knowledge and understanding, and helping to establish key church programs such as work distribution, leadership through a men’s committee, home Bible studies, youth and children’s programs, and VBS. They will also providing much-needed support for the Luminares Teen Bible Camps in January and hosting two evangelism campaigns per year.

  • Orestes Hernandez / Niquinohomo, Nicaragua

    Orestes and his family are on a mission team with Lester Flores. Orestes and Lester have been presenting seminars, Bible studies, outdoor worship and Zoom classes since their work in Niquinohomo began a few months ago. They have already brought many souls to Christ including a family of 5 members baptized recently. 

  • lester flores / NIQUINOHOMO, NICARAGUA

    Lester is on the mission team in Niquinohomo that includes Orestes Hernandez and his family. Lester and Orestes have this to say about the work in Nicaragua: “It is impressive how we have had to adapt to social networks, how this has become something normal, so every day to be close to people, to be able to use this tool for the Church, and that is what the faith community in Niquinohomo has taken advantage of, thinking that years ago this type of service was not possible. On the other hand, we recognize that it is best to be together, that this will never be replaced, but for the common good we must adapt. God is at work in Niquinohomo, and Edmond is part of this blessing.”

  • Kye & LYDIA courtright / chemniTz, germany

    Kye grew up in the Edmond Church of Christ. After making several trips and spending a few years in Germany during and immediately following his college years at OSU, Kye returned to work with the congregation in Chemnitz. Although he is involved in many aspects of church life and ministry, Kye works specifically with the young adults and youth in Chemnitz. Kye and his wife, Lydia, were married in September of 2019 in Germany.

    Read Kye's latest report.

  • roger & diane saumur / montreal, canada

    Edmond’s involvement with the work in French-speaking Quebec began in 1984 when the church started supporting Mike Mazzalongo. He converted Roger and Diane Saumur and mentored them. After the departure of the Mazzalongo family in 1987, Saumur became Edmond’s minister for the Verdun congregation in Montreal. Since that time, the Canadians and Edmond’s members have developed and maintained a close association. The Saumurs make annual summer trips to Oklahoma for mutual edification and several Edmond members have journeyed north to worship with the Christians in Verdun. Despite a devastating fire, the transient nature of a cosmopolitan city, and the difficulties inherent to a strongly secular society, progress has been made and the church is standing firm.  

  • John & Jill schadegg / cayapas river, ecuador

    Prior to 2019, we supported the Schadeggs in their ministry near Utah State University in Logan, UT. In 2019, God transitioned them from ministry in the U.S. to mission work in Ecuador. After several mission trips there, John and Jill decided to move to Ecuador to work with the Kumanii Christian Center in the rainforest on the pacific coast. This somewhat secluded area has no roads to speak of, only the Cayapas River that runs as a main artery through the region.  The Schadeggs work closely with local missionaries to ensure the love and message of Jesus is spread up and down that river. They also help set up medical, construction, service, and discipleship teams so that doors will be opened to share the gospel.

  • Humberto and Irene Hernandez have a long-standing relationship with the Edmond congregation. For over 20 years, Humberto has helped guide our annual mission trip to the mountains of Mexico. Now, Humberto and Irene work with the Church in McAllen, TX, near the US/Mexico border.

  • chris crowder / coleraine, northern ireland

    Chris Crowder is a lifelong member at Edmond Church of Christ. After an internship in Coleraine, N.Ireland in the summer of 2016, Chris had it on his heart to return to the church to be a full time missionary. Upon graduation from Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in Youth Ministry, Chris began his plans to return to N.Ireland. He is worshiping at the Artillery Road Church of Christ in Coleraine assisting the congregation, specifically strengthening the youth ministry. Please keep Chris in your prayers as he transitions to full time mission work.

  • Marco tulio & Heidy vivar huertas / zacapa, guatemala

    Marco Tulio and his wife Heidy are our newest missionaries in Central America. They work with the Iglesia de Cristo in La Union, Zacapa, Guatemala. The college ministry has been supporting Marco and his family through the two week summer mission effort since 2013. Marco and his wife have worked part time for many years and it has long been their desire to work full time in evangelism and restoration. The Edmond Church began supporting their full time work in January 2019.