Hispanic Ministry (Iglesia de Cristo)

Meeting Times: 

Sundays – 9:30 am Bible Class and 10:30 am & 5:00 pm worship

Wednesdays – 7:00 pm

Meeting Place:

801 South Bryant Ave., Edmond, OK

Located in our Youth Wing next to the gym. 

The Spanish ministry started in 2006 with a small group of people and a big idea - to reach the growing Hispanic community in Edmond. Through door knocking and outreach activities, such as the Easter Egg Hunt, many Spanish-speaking individuals and families visited the class.  In May 2009 we started a worship service including singing, praying, communion and a sermon all in Spanish. Tony Sepulveda came to work with us in May of 2012. Tony, his wife, Norma and their family are a great addition to our Spanish-speaking ministry. Tony works full-time with this important ministry and besides preaching and teaching Bible classes, he leads the group in monthly activities where members can invite friends from the community..

If you have an interest in this ministry, please join us for class or worship. If you have questions about our Hispanic Ministry call the church office (for English) (405) 341-3353 or TONY SEPULVEDA (para espanol) (405) 886-6132.

La Sierra Bible Camp, Aquiles, Mexico

La Sierra is a Christian Youth Bible Camp is dedicated to the encouragement and development of strong, spiritual Christian young men and women. It is primarily a cooperative effort between Christian brethren of the Churches of Christ in Mexico and the United States. Emphasis is placed upon encouraging young people to live according to God’s will so others can see God through each of us as Christians.

In Mexico, this camp is for young people between the ages of 11 and 19 who are interested in fellowship with people their age and who want to learn more about God’s word and will for their lives. Daily classes are taught by adult Christian men and women from Mexico. Bi-lingual Christians from the United States serve as counselors and present short devotional lessons at the start and end of each day. Sources in Mexico tell us this is a unique evangelism effort; new to Mexico.

The camp hosts about 40 young men and women during each session. Currently two sessions are held each year in late July, early August. Unfortunately at this time, resources do not allow us to fill the desire by Mexican teens to attend. Each year more teens are turned away and asked to apply next year than the number who can attend. Current hopes are to remedy this in the future through a month long trip with 4 or 5 sessions conducted and construction of additional facilities.

Cost for campers to attend is about $200 per camper. Families in Mexico are asked to help with a donation of 150 pesos (about $10-$15 US) for each camper to attend. The remaining amount is supported primarily through the Edmond Church of Christ and donations from across the United States. Shorter camps are also held for Hispanic teens in the United States.