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We are committed to praying for each other because we believe there is great power in prayer (James 5:16). Especially during this unusual season of uncertainty because of the threat of the coronavirus and the subsequent quarantine, we recognize how important it is to stay connected through prayer.

If you would like to share news about something for which you are thankful or a specific prayer request, please post it below. 

You can choose to post your prayer request for public viewing so others can join you in prayer, or you can submit it only to Edmond leaders (shepherds & ministers) who will remember you in their prayers. 

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I am having severe financial problems. I may loose my car, home and even my ability to see my son. I have run out of resources and ideas.


Prayer for Andrew and Nicole Happiness and joy spiritual protection also salvation and assurance of salvation if we are saved praise God also prayer for financial increase so we aren't lacking our daily needs not enough money thank you Jesus


Prayer for Andrew and Nicole Assurance of salvation and God's protection over our marriage and us and God to bless us with all God wants us to have praise God


Kindly pray for me to get a better paying job and a financial breakthrough. Thank you and God Almighty bless you.


Going through a challenging time with my wife, especially with spiritual warfare at night, which is often very draining. I feel that this is all happening due to her inner challenges with forgiving somebody that deeply hurt her; she mentally goes back and forth on FULLY letting this go, and needs assistance from God. Please pray for her and us. May God continue to bless you in all that you do.

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