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We are committed to praying for each other because we believe there is great power in prayer (James 5:16). Especially during this unusual season of uncertainty because of the threat of the coronavirus and the subsequent quarantine, we recognize how important it is to stay connected through prayer.

If you would like to share news about something for which you are thankful or a specific prayer request, please post it below. 

You can choose to post your prayer request for public viewing so others can join you in prayer, or you can submit it only to Edmond leaders (shepherds & ministers) who will remember you in their prayers. 

Click on the praying hands icon below to let the person you know that you are praying for him/her. They will receive an email notification letting them know that someone is praying for them. Thank you for being committed to prayer.


I’m having a surgical procedure Wednesday morning and would appreciate prayers for all to go well.


I have a friend who has been watching online since the pandemic began. Please pray that she continues to watch and that it strengthens her faith.


May 26, 1961 to May 26, 2021, Karl and Beverly White have been married 60 years on May 26, 2021. A prayer of thanks to God for the ability to live through all of life’s events and still be lovingly together for this time..


Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at the Edmund church of Christ!Please say a prayer for me. I am saved, yet homeless at 74 sleeping under a bridge at night. The only thing that keeps me from losing it is your prayers are carrying me! GOD richly bless you brother Danny. P.S. - people there (at the church) are praying for me and it chokes me up - thank you! 5/14/21


Requesting prayers for Joan & Kevin Keenan. Joan has stage IV liver cancer and is not an eligible transplant recipient. Kevin is an elder at Southern Ridge church of Christ.

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