In Search of the Lord's Way television ministry

The Edmond Church of Christ has a long-standing relationship with the Search television ministry. We provide support in the form of financial resources, volunteers, access to facilities, and mutual encouragement.

In Search of the Lord's Way television ministry...

The year was 1980. Discovering that televangelists were reaching a hundred times more people than he was from his pulpit, Mack Lyon decided to go on TV on a local station. Almost 40 years later, Search now appears on all 210 television markets in the United States, nearly 150 local cable stations and on 50 radio stations, plus access virtually everywhere via the Internet.  

Search’s ministry remains dedicated to its five-fold purpose: to take the Way of salvation to thousands who live right among us; to light a candle in the darkness of immorality; to resist the materialism and humanism that is choking the faith and spirituality out of so many people; to restore credibility to the religion of Christ that has been diminished in many religious programs; to tell your friends that the church of Christ is not dead, but that it is very much alive and that we care. Search offers materials for free to those who request booklets and audio CDs. 

Phil Sanders does the on-air preaching and leads the ministry.